Thank You Brandon Heath & Ben Davies, I Had Fun Too

I now know how Aryan men interact with each other because, the communication is very distinctive from the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists and I am reminded of Star Trek’s Borg because we are very independent and confident, I recognized the childhood likeness of fun but this time I didn’t feel sadness of grief for my mom because that was exactly how my mom and I interacted with each other. I remember sometimes when my mom felt sick and spend time, in bed, I would teased my mom and I would asked her „what is wrong with you?“ My mom would tell me, „I feel sick“ I responded to my mom „poor kitty“ and my mom would say „yes, poor of me.“ Then my sometimes my mom would tell me or I will become serious in communicating and ask my mom for more details. Today at the Drop In Center, I founded a book left there for me by Brandon Heath & Ben Davies, the book is Lebensbilder, the book is in the German language, written during the Third German Reich in 1937, and the book is heteorosexualy erotic but also, I am healed for me concern about the Vancouver stuff and whatever trauma Brandon Heath experienced but I am surprised by the multiple meaning of the significance of the book because it is something I would do but I have not experienced from others in my life so far.