My Short Stay At Bellingham, WA

After, my mom died, I wasn’t able to visit Seattle, Bellingham has now the closest I have been to Seattle, since my mom’s passing. For about half a year, I had reoccuring nightmares, the theme was the same of my nightmares, my nightmares were of my mom’s passing, while I was gone, and I return to Seattle to returned to Seattle to visit my mom, even though, I knew she had past. I noticed, before, I arrived at Bellingham, I felt as if I haven’t fully let go of my mom or complete closure, as if I felt, I needed to return to Seattle and have a proper goodbye for my mom and because I haven’t had a complete closure of my mom, I felt as if I were to visit Seattle, I would feel grief as if, I desire to visit my mom, even though, my mom is dead. Being in Bellingham has given me the complete closure and finally, I felt as if I had visited my mom and said goodbye until we meet in heaven.