More Information Of „Der Held Des Ewigen Fife“

The book Lenbensbilder is, also a Christian book of procreation and about my specific bloodline about my descendancy of the original man Adam. I have been wanting to explain how I feel about my direct ancestry to Adam, I feel nostalgic because of the significance to God Himself because I was God’s first created man. I do know I am very much like the original Adam because Adam’s DNA hasn’t changed and because of that I feel a special connection to God, I am not into the vanity of masculinity but I have noticed I am the physical archetype of the first man, at first I felt a disappointment because I didn’t want to be different in any form from the rest of the Aryan men but God had me realize I have unique blessing to fit my pleasure of personality because my favorite manner to worship God is by singing and I have noticed I am able to specifically express my love of worship to God by singing. The chapter of „Der Held des Ewigen Fife“ is about how I discovered my love for Katharina Schuttler, the prophecy of the dream is correct and within the same time frame, I had a dream from God which made me aware of the dog man Armand, the chapter describes YouTube and my WordPress posts, the sadomaschmists comments of Armand to the discovery of the abuse in the song „Jesus In Disguise“ which because of Armand I was abused similarly. Too, the prophecy of encountering pure male friends because of the abusing of Armand. My cellphone company of „Wind“ mobile is written. The death like „call“ I had of which the entire world knew, my rebirth or healing from Jesus, preparation of a constructed air plane; grear learner of the evilness of the Armand junk, and of the healing, I becoming a great knowledgeable man of an everlasting erection. I remember a lot of tricks of Armand to the it who abused me, Armand had some sort of fixation that I was his friend even though we never had a conversation and Armand because of his insanity believe I was being „nice“ to him, which he interpret as some sort of friend during the same convention, Armand discussed I somehow changed and because I knew Armand was into the sadomaschmo, he knew I wanted to kill him. Some other time, I was crying and Armand tried to trick me again to the it person, Armand knew I knew Armand had that sadomaschmo stuff me when he saw me cry and I became angered at him, later on Armand discussed to his friend, I shouldn’t have gotten angered at him and he wanted to talk to me to „help me.“ To help me is the insanity junk my mom taught me to avoid of those sadomaschmo.