Monday 10 October 2016: My Conversation With Brandon Heath 

Yesterday, I felt very stressed about what happened to me at Vancouver, Canada and God provided me an opportunity for me to have a conversation with Brandon Heath, I was surprised of how free I felt to express my emotions of stress, the response of Brandon Heath was natural and very comforting to which I felt to release all of my stress audibly and I was able to cry a little which eventually I felt better. Brandon Heath, also made a special visitation here, I was surprised by, how I felt here compared to past experience with none sense people I knew, because of Brandon Heath’s visitation, I didn’t feel lose, or the feeling of being left or rejected but I remember a sense of childhood like funness of what I wanted for such long time and the last time, I had fun, with anyone, joking was my mom. About Brandon Heath hiting his pants, if I did to Brandon Heath’s ear; what my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun taught me of squezzing noses but I like to squeeze ears, because my mom’s nose was too sensitive to play with. Now, I am that memory of that children like fun, associate with Lighthouse Mission and I had never experienced a fun memory here at America, except for my mom; now because of the new memories, I now laugh, when I think of the new memories plus in the healing of my trauma God blessed me with those memories of cheerfulness of which I haven’t experienced, since I lived with my mom at Seattle. Thank you Brandon Heath, I love you much big brother.