I Found A 1937 Heterosexual Erotica Book Named „Lebensbilder“ Or Imagery of Lifes‘; Printed In 1937 Third German Reich 

God continues to encourage me for Katharina Schuttler and now God is helping me of overcoming my fear of feeling overwhelmed by intense sexual arousal combined by female arousal and feel blessed again and I am ready for more adventure of discovering for sexual arousal for Katharina Schuttler and the book is very funny, too, but I have only read a few pages, yet. I have read „Der ander hat’s nicht inner leichter,“ & the beginning of „Der Held Des Ewigen Fifes,“ that is exactly how I first response to the flirts of Katharina Schuttler which I don’t automatically respond to her because I have learned not to respond by the reaction of anger but I analyze the flirting information which I become aroused by general sexual imagery of the flirts but a similar frustration of feeling the Oldman sperm feeling of arousal of „getting out of my way, life has to be released!“ Now, I don’t feel the overwhelming feeling, I have the beginning of „Der Held Des Ewigen Fife“ and my nights are very slow too but I believed the slowness of time was simply because I am homeless but I  have discovered by reading this first page, the slowness of time during sleeping is actually high level of arousal. Whenever I am around the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschmists and I become bothered by them, I will read the book Lebensbilder and I will write a summary of how I feel for Katharina Schuttler. I can excitedly happy Katharina Schuttler and I are developing an explicit sexual arousal dialogue because I became very much at peace and comfortable a feeling similar to sleep plus deep arousal and again the sense of funny newness but the severity of arousal being funny to me is new.