Evening Of Tuesday 11 October 2016

At the library I became comfortable, with the stress, God has blessed me by a special song of I sense if I can remember God, heaven, and the spirits in heaven, the song is „Saturn“ by Sleeping At Last, I have a general imagery of environment around God Himself with the song, I very happy with song and I have a little of a sense I had visited God Himself. God has answered another of my prayers, because I had a sense of missing to be in the actual presence of God in heaven; and not the cliche meaning of „missing.“ Today, God has shown me visions, of a high ranking angel and I saw both my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun in their spiritual bodies and their bodies were incorruptible, strong, with godlike confidence and because I saw the godlike confidence of my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun; the vision confirmed the dream I had, of within two months of my mom’s passing, God allowed my mom to communicate to me but saying two times, „I’m at His presence“ with peace and godlike confidence. Then the prophecy of Revelation was fulfilled of „a wonder in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, and the fulfillment of the prophecy of „the wilderness.“ I felt the Almighty power of Jehovah’s protection of my mom and I since the founding of the United States of America for the true meaning of the formation of the United States of America, I felt, again, God was confirming to me, I have been standing correctly on the Bible for God to aide me in all my descions, including, the current stressful time but the same time, I didn’t feel any conviction of being too nervous, the contrary, I sense God was healing me and comforting me.