Sunday 9 October 2016: I Have Witnessed The Fulfillment Of The Great Commission, The Israeli People Has Accepted Christ As Their Savior 

My mom had a deep love for Israel for the ancient Israel of the Old Testament, my mom was very perisitant in teaching me the Israeli are God’s people and taught me, that Jesus second coming can’t happened until the Israelis accept Jesus as their savior. My mom would had been very excited, and in this unique situation, I don’t know how my mom would had celebrated but I do know perhaps my mom would had fasted, read Bible, and had her own prayer vigil. For me, I was healed too, I sensed by God, of the old emnety of the Jews of the Aryans is know completely over and now, the Israeli People do know the Aryans for what we truly are, this deep peace feels very special for me. I have one regret, is that being here at Bellingham, homeless and very physically tired, I can’t feel too much excitement as if I were properly rested, then I will sense the complete significance of God’s salvation of the Israeli people. This morning, God did showed me miracles, that was how something very significant happened, I listened to Christian music and I felt strongly the Holy Ghost, the powerful sense of complete infinity, for me, when I feel the Holy Ghost, I enjoy, simply to enjoy it, as if being cleansed by sunshine, for me, this is how, I enjoy being with the Holy Ghost. Then, I looked to the east and I saw symbolic of the Holy Ghost of birds, then, another miracle of small wind like driven water, without any wind, I knew God was communicating with me, and I understood, there was something of great significance of Salvation by Jesus Christ and I remembered my mom and this being the time of tribulation, I knew perhaps, the Israeli people accepted salvation and they in fact did, but since I am physically tired, my own celebration will be Bible reading, perhaps the New Testament, but lately God has been communicating to me directly from the Bible, on a daily bases, rebuking and directly communicating to the people who are children of Satan. During the time of God’s miracle, I heard trumpets, the trumpets were noticeably done at Heaven because here at Bellingham, the sound of the trumpets were as if the world was a wall and sounds spontaneously travel over the earth, over the other side of the planet and towards the horizon of is trumpets were out at Heaven and trumpets sounds arriving by the horizons, I knew one of the Seals were broken but I don’t know seal, but I will try to find this prophecy in reading the Bible.