Monday 10 October 2016: The Israeli First Contact With Me Started On Sunday 9 October 2016

I thank Jehovah for the Israeli government to contact me and the King of Israel has become my best friend, I have enjoyed and personal benefited of the Bible based adviced of the Israeli king, and I am very thankful. The Biblical advice from the Israeli king feels as what I have except of the sencere closeness of Christian Jews of the current time, the sense of deep holiness of the times of the ark of the covenant. I very much enjoy the adventure of the challenge of communications between the Israeli goverment and I, because for this I am learning the current culture of Israel. In addition, since I know very little of the culture of Israel, the newness to obtain knowledge of current Israeli is very excited as a challenge of what I deeply desire. Since, the Israeli people know much about me, I am at sort of loss of how I can communicate to the Israeli government, but I do know, the main source of current knowledge of modern Israeli culture, is the Bible, I will study the Old Testament patriarch and leaders because I know, their behavior is somewhat more base on good faith in God, of the leaders of the Old Testament, than I have knowledge about current references. I do know the current King of Israel is a descent of the line of David and that is Biblically based. The Bible states David’s line will last forever. Thank you for your first contact.