Monday 10 October 2016; For Katharina Schuttler 

I enjoyed your response to me on Saturday evening and Sunday morning but I became too overwhelmed by too much imagery and it caused by to become nervous and panicky, my panicky is manifested by shaking, though I don’t feel cold and feeling very imagery overwhelmed of which what was stated of the arousal statements by you and my own arousal, that is very stressful by itself but the combination of the non existing „sexual“ oppression, I faced, I sensed a type of abstract depression. I sense a non specific deep sadness at times, I don’t understand why I feel sorrow or sadness but I saw a movie last night and I think God is emotionally protecting me to feel the entirety of the trauma, I feel, but when I saw the movie last night, I feel deeply grief as if my children were being abused by the non sense I experienced by the slashing feeling I felt in my soul by the abuse. Then I felt very alone, I felt deep hurt, and shakiness of severity of nervousness that is how I feel panic, with emotional overwhelminness.