Sunday 9 October 2016: Praise Be To Jehova; I Had My Closet Sexual Encounter Yet With Katharina Schuttler 

Yesterday, I experienced exactly the overwhelming sensations as if I had sex with Katharina Schuttler, what I am very thankful is the deep loving comfort I experienced while the panic relation was diminishing. I wanted very much to have any sort of communication from Katharina and God is very merciful in revealing Katharina to me, as if God was communicating to me, „your pain of being physically alone is as far as this will go,“ the Biblical verse of „This far and no farther“ in order to be merciful to me. Plus, the communication, I experienced by Katharina, also, has proven the loving persistance of Jehovah desire for me to have the maximum pleasure as God has given me, while on earth! In order to love Katharina but also; my happiness with my future children as God wants me to become one flesh with Katharina and Jehovah deepest desire for my mom and my maternal Grandfather to continue, again, through procreation with Katharina, „in your memory life will start again.“ Because Jehovah allowed my future wife to communicate, I have felt a comfort level of which I haven’t experienced from anyone, not even  my mom. For instance, in a very stressful environment such as the on going events, here at Bellingham, I was finally able to fall asleep fast, I felt much comfort during my sleep, with no bad dream but in fact, I had not a dream but an image of happy innocence as if was a spinning couresel. It was Jehovah who has shown me, that I am still innocent, even though, I was abuse. So far, I have slept more than 5 hours. I sense a strong determination from Jehovah, that the worest part of my life is now ending, I sense from Jehovah as strong sense of happily living as God is telling me „you see! how faithful I am.“ Because I do know God likes to comfort me by loving teasing, the Alexander Lapin type of teasing. It isn’t that I don’t have faith in Jehovah but with such a feeling of Jehovah’s blessing, and the quickness as Jehovah did answered Katharina Schuttler request too and now I sense Katharina Schuttler is now physically with me and I am looking forward to take Katharina with me, to explore Bellingham. Something very strange about this is the sense of presdestiny because I didn’t know the ongoing process of ponding with love, as if it were, this is what I except but not being aware of it before today. If I were with Katharina, I would be crying with happiness and I would say „God has given me a very special gift to which I am very thankful and deeply sanctified with satification, you are finally mine.“ Now, Katharina, you know you, don’t have to worry about the vagueness of your arousal because I sensed arousal too and even though I felt frustrated God allowed the frustration to become part of the natural bonding process, as if God told me, „you already know Katharina Schuttler, every well, as if you do know how Katharina Schuttler thinks“ and that was one of my deepest desires to be discovered by Katharina Schuttler, I wanted to know how Katharina Schuttler loves me and Jehovah has answered all of my past desire of Katharina Schuttler.