Thursday 8 October, Friday 9 October 2016; Day’s Activities 

Thursday, I sent, most of my day at the Hospital at Bellingham, WA. I told the doctor of the molestion and the doctor, too was into the sadomaschmo junk and he become angered caused by jealously. I over heard the Judin hermphrodrite doctor, said, he wanted to examine me, but he knew I would say no, and the reason of the examination wasn’t for medical purpose but as the doctor explained his motive, he has never heard anyone explained the corona as „head,“ yes my mom taught me that word, when she taught me of sex and the foreskin. The day was uneventful at the Hospital, I only eat and I rested. By the time of my discharge from the hospital, I saw something very funny, especially now of the current Nazi holocaust, a Judin hermphrodite „man“ of some sort of technician had a yellow mouth mask, the mask was yellow, the color of the Jews and I was reminded of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmo dog stalking or some symbolism of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmists being under orders of controlledment such as required lesh for dogs at parks. Unfortunately, since, the date was near my birthday of October 1, the first time, I said my new age of 36, was to the 911 operator but at least, I wasn’t at the Aboriginal Shelter in Vancouver, Canada on my birthday. One Friday 7 October 2015; I walked to a health organization named Rainbow Center, the entire situation at the Rainbow Center was very funny, because all of the information at or provide at the Rainbow Center, is very vague. Plus, the staff at the Rainbow Center were much into the dialect of North America, because I communicate directly to the staff, the confusion on my part validate the authenticity of the incapablity of conversations between King English and the dialect of North America, the silly part of this was one of the workers help to translate a Rainbow Center information papers to me by explaining the vague statement typed on the paper and I noticed two things of King English, when I communicate, what I comprehend of the explanation of the information, I noticed the worker became comfortable but this some confusion of word arraignments, I noticed the worker was explaining this better; my mom likes that time of conversations and that was how my mom became acquaintaint with people at church, especially Christian ministry. The opposite occurred when I tested, a little, before I left the Rainbow Center and some elderly Judin hermphrodite female was having the classic symptoms of a nervous breakdown, for within 30 seconds of talking by the elderly Judin hermphrodite female, I seemed as if the elderly Judin hermphrodite female felt very insecure of herself in terms of lay threapy termology and the vague North American dialect, the elderly Judin hermphrodite female cried and became noticeably distracted in thinking of how to formate talking, similar of a person who had brain damage caused by a stroke.