Wednesday 5 October 2016, Plan To Visit Madrid, Spain 

Today, Wind Mobile network partner companies of AT&T & T mobile are off line, I only have access to 911 calls but my cellphone is able to receive WiFi networks, today, at the library at Bellingham, I used their free WiFi network and I stayed at the library, until 4 pm, so I may have dinner at 4:30 pm. I underestimated my backlog of my YouTube videos, to watch, I have about 50 videos to watch, but whenever, I saw a video, it was often, I added more videos of „watch later.“ It was a good day, fun and exciting, and for a change in recent time, the day went by too quickly. However, although, I couldn’t finished the backlog, one YouTube, I was able to make a plan to visit Madrid, Spain, on the day of commencement of the killing of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites, at Nazi America. I thought, it would be very oppoparate, to visit Spain, at the commencement of the killing of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, because of the Spanish Inquisition and the earth’s last racial cleansing until, the second coming of Christ. I enjoyed the video from YouTube of „Cody Carnes & Kari Jobe: Worship, Marriage, and Facing Tragedy,“ what I enjoyed most of the video, was the conversations were Biblically based, relevant to the current time of the tribulation and the development of one’s faith in God, which illustrates the Biblical predestination of God, of choosing His own elect, rather than the former social justice religious junk of free will to be saved or not. For me, part of my anxiety I experienced as a teenager and a younger adult, was because I sensed a little of God’s wrath, especially when I read the Bible and because during my younger adult years, I couldn’t read the Bible comfortably nor understand the Bible because of nervousness caused by the feeling of God’s wrath. I still got a type of nervousness by reading the prophecies of the Bible, only because they events, sense of, they will arrive fast and very complicated situations of the anti Christ, so, now, I only read the Bible, infrequently but still on a regular basis, yesterday, I read some Bible verses in both the English language and the German language. I noticed a conversation by the Christian singers of correct financial corruption by modern day record companies but the conversation was vague, I do understand, the hardships of making new music but the description by one of the Christian ministers of incidents of other Christian minister musicians isn’t because of personal hindrance but purposely hindrance by record companies. During the video interview of the Christian ministers, I noticed the hosts may be Christians, so at some point, I will research that group of people, the host interviewers of „Cody Carnes & Kari Jobe.“One confirmation I noticed of God during the tribulation, which is very exciting, is God is now more direct in communicating to everyone, even the godless, with much excitement, God has directly revealed his Nazism at everything in existence! Later, after, I finished to watch the interview of „Cody Carnes & Kari Jobe.“ I heard songs, today of the band Crowder and For King & Country, of which I noticed the influence of the record companies financial corrupt the song of both  Christian bands. I have a general idea of changing song’s into an Aryan Supremacist controlled but free society, we will have complete freedom of speech to express Nazism in everything we do. I will be strict to rule on the complete open of Nazi expression within the Aryan race and to allow all our media activities to be sent globally but my future society will receive nothing from outside Europe, because the Aryan race has suffered too much and now I will completely protect the Aryan race. The only foreign location, I wish to visit is Israel, but because of the history, I won’t directly talk to the Israeli officials but to has a quick Christian greating at an geographic open location, it has nothing to do with mistrust but my strictness of being with the Aryans. Tomorrow, God permitted, I plan to work more on my sociology studies of the „watch list,“ on my YouTube. Today, I studied the book of Genesis but tomorrow, I will post about it, in the same discussion of a picture of Mario Gotze and Saturday’s International day of Children Help Work, it is about heterosexuality, for any couple including to will be married couples. My mom explained to me the arousal of Aryan female is very frustrating but my mom was general but she did told me men „can satisfy themselves better than females.“ I asked my mom to explain my mom told me, a woman is never fully satisfied unless she feels semen,  my mom told me, men has it right there, I asked my mom about her meaning but this was where my mom was general, it is sticking out there. It wasn’t until recently I have discovered mens‘ arousal is directly the feeling of the urgency of life of the sperm. The female has much difficult time because even if the female masturbates, the egg doesn’t become fertilized but I do know if a non fertilized egg, leaves the Aryan female in frustrated arousal until the egg naturally dies with menstrual bleeding.