Thursday 6 October 2016: God Is Again, Is Being Strict With Me To Utilize Picture Art For Therapy Of The Trauma Of The Sadomaschmo Non Existing Insanity 

God, is now being very strict with me, again, and God has purposely placed me in a situation of, „you have to release yourself and I am forcefully giving you permission to express your trauma by art!“ The situation is this, I no longer have access to the internet and dreams of revelations, and recently events which were actually prophecy. The event, the other day, when I washed my penis with hot water, is symbolic of my innocence and being emotionally overwhelmed, right now. A dream, I had, was a metaphor of the runaround of my trauma, I know God is only being strict with me because God knows I don’t comprehend the cycle of this trauma. The dream was, I was in Vancouver, Canada, and I was trying to escape, in a continuous cycle of riding buses but generally arriving at the same location at Vancouver. The metaphor of the current trauma, I have. After, I awoke, I recognized the meaning of Ben Davies shirtless picture, because a similar event had occurrenced, to me, yesterday morning with the painful erections I had. Now God is forcefully; because God loves me and He wants me to be healed, telling me, I have to utilize similar art as with the shirtless picture of Ben Davies; as part of being totally healed by the trauma, but perhaps I shall write something on paper, take a picture with my middle finger. I have a general idea, those verses I wrote, the other day, I will take of pictures of them with my middle finger some written phrase of explanation of heterosexual freedom and something written to those non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite of „you are judged and damned by God.“