God Taught Me The Nazi Prophecies Of The Importance Of Myself And The Factual Severity Of The Recent Events; Psalms Chapter 81,82, 83

God wanted me to be aware about the value I have with God by God has revealed this prophecy to me, Psalms 82, 6 „I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.“ This verse is for the Aryan race. So, because I know now how important I am, what I have felt from the sadomaschmo abuse has been Biblically based. By God, the touching of my penis by others is rape, simply touching, nothing else. I am thankful nothing else happened to me, except for the few seconds of touching. I was sleeping but I became half asleep when I felt but the waist band and my boxers lowered, while I was sleeping on the mat in the Aboriginal Shelter, I don’t know how many men were around me, all of this occurred within a few seconds, some „man“ with thumb and finger lowered the foreskin partial over the corona and some comment of „that’s one mother fucker.“ The guy left but someone else covered me again. I do know the motive the sadomaschmo act against me, it was to have their revenge on me for the Armand’s nightly crying baby induced by panic attacks. Some spoke to Armand about his dog appearance and Armand cried as a baby and Armand told the other guy „you shouldn’t had sad that, I’m afraid he’ll mashed my head in.“ The other guy told Armand he’ll die anyways at the concentration camps, but Armand explained he didn’t want to die with much destruction of his head or a fast death. Then one morning a replacement Armand died, the other Armand replacements became physically ill with intentional vomiting, and vomiting by panic attacks. God showed me  another outcome if I were to stay at the Aboriginal Shelter and I remembered the rape, the killing stuff would become truth as self defense of myself, even though, the Armand replacements stopped, there would had been many other sadomaschmo abusers at the Aboriginal Shelter. I remember what was said of me but I not insulted „you are very healthy“ but I can comprehend it. After the it „man“ hurted me, the sadomaschmo non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite „men“ expressed their collective desire to kill me too by statements of „porn“ model. It was a metaphor of the movie of „the boy in the striped pajamas“ except I didn’t even comprehend the collective killing games against me from the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschmists. This morning and elderly non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite elderly „man“ stated „his“ desire the repeat the pants killing junk, I do know God Jehovah will be very strict with that non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite and God Jehovah will personally KILL the wannabe killer of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite. Now, that God has healed me, I am able to describe the trauma feelings I have but first, God is teaching important lessons, first, it is the Heteorosexuality of incapablity of „how can you possibly“ understand that non existing sexual junk, to which they lie about themselves and the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschmists are aware their acts are killing acts of HATE, very much the contradictions of the lies of „love“ of the non existing sexuality, since the 1990’s. I sensed (past tense) I no longer wanted to live, because I felt the feeling, my dick no longer belong to Katharina Schuttler and if I don’t belonged to Katharina Schuttler, I would rather die. I had a lose of I had lost the battle of protecting me dick from the sadomaschmists and for which reason should I live if they had won. The transition to be healed by God was the hardest pain, I had ever felt, for the first time; in my life, I automatically cried, naturally as if I had a seasonal allergic reaction, I felt battles which were actually occurring; the battle of God, in the process of bringing me new life again to me; and there was a spiritual battle from Satan against God.