I Have Slight Shock, I  Finally Realized I Have The Highest Level Of United Kingdom Monarchy Trained Behavior Of Royal Protocol 

The mannerism of the figurine in the picture of „Touch“ Is the mannerism of the royal family of the United Kingdom.

My mom discussed to me, my own mannerism, by showing me pictures of royal men, of hundreds of years of history in Europe. My mom told me, „you have masculine fine (elegant) hands.“ I wasn’t aware of the highest level of royal protocol, I have until, last night, and I feel a little disappointed-the feeling of shock, I do acknowledge God’s grace’s to appoint me as His future King, but I wanted to be the same as very Aryan, including mannerism. Because of my isolation, from the Aryan race, I believed, to behave elegant and very formal, was typical of all Aryans, until, I watched Aryans interating on social media videos and at first, I noticed something was very different but I couldn’t figure it out until last night and I noticed because of a church service at Light House mission, as I noticed my signing and I noticed everything about my royal mannerism. What is really funny of that I noticed of my royal mannerism is, the irony of the fake rich people of North America the typical snobby whoring attitudes of „rich“ at Stanford University and Southern California, it is as if God purposely made fun of those whore wannabe „rich“ people of North America!🙋🙋🙋🙏