The Rumor Of Watching „Pornography“

There were some rumors of pornography which I don’t comprehend of me as if I experienced life as those junk because, no, I had depression most of my life which made it late for me to developed my sexuality, I was sexually attracted to to some female actresses of the 1990’s the x files main actress, but I never watch porn, my sexual attraction during the 1990’s was one of fascination (why this and why that of the actress) not much sexual knowledge. The 2000’s were the maximum of my depression where I tried to end my life several times because of the homosexual at Seattle, some college guy at the University book store said something very nasty to me but I didn’t know understand what he was saying and at that time, I did wanted regular friends, that was why Seattle was very difficult for me because of my attempts to have friends but the obsession of homosexuality with everyone at Seattle and I didn’t want female friends because I knew I may have sex with them but I felt horrible after that college guy flirted at me in addition it was the gay pride junk in June, I felt so lonely that I can’t have any friends, I can’t work, school, because of those fags, I felt strongly what I had was the best I would have at Seattle and I thought if life is like this, in total isolation, then why should I live, when I  got to my apartment, I took an over dose of my medicine but my mom called 911 and I fell asleep suddenly in the ambulance. I had a deep sleep until 3 am, and I woke up at Harbourview Hospital, I did explained the homosexual junk but the staff encourage homosexuality so I didn’t talk about it, and then the staff only spoke about my feelings without that other homosexual junk. That is why I eventually discovered homosexuality was encouraged by the medical profession but I became very angered at them once about that guy, and I was explaining his feelings weren’t natural! Then the typical junk of „love.“ Yes, I had a difficult time of homosexuality being commercialized against me by the medical profession at Seattle, they tried to reach me „gay pride“ but I told them it doesn’t make sense and it sounds as extremism, I didn’t use the word extremism but I explained the idea of „bragging“ of the homosexuals and the doctors became angered at me and told me some oppression junk of New York of Stone Wall, that Stone Wall stuff didn’t made sense either because the story was too vague, it was explained to me, only as this; gays attended a gay bar at New York and some people decided to attack them for no reason, I didn’t asked any questions about it, so how can it be possible for me to developed my sexuality during the 2000’s while all that junk was happening to me!! Yes, I do know much of the doctors version of homosexuality of which I couldn’t comprehend at that time either! My mom left me alone, to mean, the situation was out of control for her but men flirted to me via my mom and my mom told the fag the truth, that the homosexual junk makes me suicidal and „leave my son alone.“ The fag became angered at my mom and the same excuse of „love.“ My mom whispered something and left and I became angered at the fag too and I told him a fag and the fag driver of Access had a nervous breakdown and cried, for some reason the fag already liked me before even seeing me and the fag said „I thought you liked me“ and some none sense of „you shouldn’t have changed.“ That was an outside conversation of the driver inside. My mom didn’t want to think about that sort of insanity because I asked my mom about change and the fag answered „The Nazi stuff.“ So that is how I eventually became very involved in Nazism in Seattle because the more I researched Nazism the more I noticed the same oppression in America at that time. In Homstead High school I had to drop out of because of the same insisting homosexual there too, the PE teacher was a child molester who required everyone to shower, so I  dropped that class, so eventually I didn’t have any PE and now that I know about this stalking homosexual junk, I  was stalk too at homestead by the same Armand stuff by some Judin with nigger hair of „rage against the machine.“ Eventually I stopped attending Homestead High school. Sacramento was relatively better only around our neighborhood at Foothill Farms and the Garfield apartment were the only residents in California where felt comfortable but I noticed a pattern of my Nazism right after the Homestead junk, I saw Nazis movie on tv and eventually my mom and I got evicted from Garfield apartment and we moved by choice to Seattle but it was warn to me I will have a difficult time at Seattle and I was given clues of Seattle but at that time I didn’t understood the culture’s connection to homosexuality. So, you see, I never had a „normal“ life but I was abused by homosexuality for many decades