The Song „London“ By Brandon Heath 

After I ascend to the throne, I will ask Brandon Heath if he desire to be located to the United Kingdom. For two reasons, I wish to have Brandon Heath at the United Kingdom, because God was very severe with me in teaching the homosexual junk by Brandon Heath’s song „Jesus In Disguise“ and I strongly sense, God wants Brandon Heath to witness my planing to kill of all fags at Nazi North America. Also, for me, during my planning time of the Sanctification of Nazi America, I do plan to be very busy with limited out door activities, because of the yet determine time of the planning, I felt, it would be much better, if I don’t wait until my plan has been finalized, I plan to be strict and deeply committed to my plan of the Sanctification of Nazi America but I will eventually take breaks to personally interact with members of the Aryan race.