Sunday 2 October 2016: God Answered My Prayer And Appeared & Ended This Disposation For Several Seconds & Healed Me Of My Depression To Be Near Katharina Schuttler 

God had a great blessing for me this evening, earlier in the day, I read in the Old Testament of a God follower, who was suffering but complained to God for his suffering, today, I finally spoke to God about my suffering, I asked God to end everything. This evening, I heard a Christian sermon, Bible based of which I haven’t heard a Bible based sermon, since I lived with my mom at Seattle and Pastor Dave’s sermons. Tonight’s sermon, I  was reminded of God’s plan of me, to play the role of the original Adam, to live until the rapture and be transformed into a perfect body without the physical death. I was reminded to continue my fight of which God has predestined me to fight for the Aryan race & the Christian but I was reminded to forgive the homosexual abusers and that fight against individual homosexuals, for God to fight on God’s own power. Later on, God then answered my prayer of temporarily ending everything and heaven was revealed around the world, outer space no longer existed for several seconds, I saw Jesus himself with bright orange fire of flames and a circle of fire flames turning clockwise, the same as a swastika. After that, I felt God’s force, loving, deeply caring compassion of my predestination to marry Katharina Schuttler, then God made me realize, everything will be ok and I have everything I need, food and shelter and God will work out the rest and it isn’t something I shouldn’t even think about. I felt Ryan prophecy was fulfilled but God kissing my head, I felt much love and I felt God comforting me for all the suffering I had these months, I sensed some touch of God on my head and my hair felt warm, I felt the blessing of God himself anointing me for the future crown of the UK, I felt as if God did kissed my head and deep compassion of „you are a very good kid, you are mine, I am proud of you, you have done nothing wrong, and continue what you are doing, the rest will come naturally for you.“ Then after a while I felt a strange sense of arousal for Katharina Schuttler, God was telling me, this Will happen, you will be very happy with your wife and you Will have a family and I have created you special and unique for your wife, what you feel/sense of the divine of your member is correct, it was divinely created for your wife by God’s created perfection for the specific purpose to become one flesh.