Sunday 2 October 2016: Dream From God: I Dreamt The Aryans Are Happly Ugerly Waiting For Me To Give Them A Message Signal Of The Reinstatement Of My Plan Of Electronic Communication With Them Via Social Media 

I dreamt, an event, where members of the Aryan race are waiting for me, the reinstatement of my social media posts of the continuation of my posts of Vancouver, Canada. I dreamt of the song and the lyrics of the song „God Is On The Move,“ and the Aryans are eager of my reinstatement of Bible based social media posts to continue the freedom of the Aryan man. God made me realize, because of the heir to the throne position, God has only granted myself to continue the free the Aryan man postings of mine which are Biblical based, „whenever someone stands on the word ‚truth‘ to make men free“ is the position only I may accomplished, it is the Aryan man who require freedom from the former dominate culture of the deadly fags, which has been severe, since the 1990’s.“ To continue my postings of „speak life“ again via social media, to post everything about me of the Aryan man heterosexuality because those posts are God’s rebuke against the spirit of death of the fags, which has oppressed the Aryan man, for so many decades. I am very thankful to have been granted this elevated honor, to save Aryan man heterosexuality and to further promote life of this for the benefit of the Aryan man and the continuation of the Aryan race by procreation, I WILL save you because God has given me that role.