Katharina Schuttler, I Will Describe My Penis For You 

My mom told me the basics of female sexual desire or a man, but I don’t completely comprehend it to which I don’t know how you feel for me, but from what I do know, my mom told me, females are very sexually attracted to the penis, my mom spoke of a symbol of authority and strength. My mom told me females are attracted to males who are self confident who protects „the woman he loves,“ a scene of the movie „Back to the Future“ part 1. I wish, I can receive some message of how you see me? Because I have desperately been fighting for and I do love you much, it is only my attempt for I to know you, because I too want to know my price. So for you Katharina Schuttler because God has shown me of you, I will describe my penis for you to further discover your love for me, because of the dream, that is how I discovered my love for you. It was explained to me by God, last night, that you will one day, see the created perfection God has created of my penis, specifically for your pleasure and conception, I feel strongly my penis is not my own property, nor do I enjoy it for my own pleasure, I have kept my penis in much protection for you Katharina Schuttler and I will continue to do so. The color of the corona is very fair complexion, the light blood color is visable but not blood vains, it is orderless. The shaft is the foreskin, the tissue is muscular and soft, muscle like fibers on the foreskin contects to the upper part of the penis. For me, my own sexual pleasure is the sensations of your birth chamber for your own sexual pleasure and the ejaculation for conception, as I had written, I don’t pleasure myself of my own desires but my own sexual desires to have sex with you Katharina Schuttler, that is how much detail, I am able to visualize having sex with you and I do feel as if I am with you. I do know, we will be very happy with each other and my ejaculations are becoming pleasurably unbearable, I  feel very strong pleasure thinking about you as this feels as much energy while I masturbate and the sensations are so strong to which I have to remain quite because I don’t currently have much privacy, in addition, after the ejaculation, I experienced some time of emotional exhaustion, as to feel disoriented and a little nervous because I become exhaustly overwhelmed, it is a very natural nervousness and I don’t worry about it but you Katharina Schuttler, should know this because I desire you to comprehend my sexual emotions for you and yes, if I don’t ejaculate, by testicles becomes very sensitive that I do feel pain in my testicles than I feel as if I am about the ejaculate and that occurs while I in public, and occurring naturally without any physical touching of myself, and now you know how I love you and how much I desire you sexually!!!