Saturday 1 October 2016: God Has Shown Me, I Am Depressed By The Homosexual Junk That Happened Against Me At Vancouver, Canada 

I have good general knowledge concerning of the science of psychology, here at Bellingham, WA, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores are into the insanity herd mentality junk of their non sense ideology, of I should ignore the depression, I feel, base on the science of psychology, that insane herd mentality junk isn’t healthy but in fact, is not healthy. It is known to me, if individuals, suppress their emotions, even, if they had managed to ignore their emotions, that leaves them in a weak psychological state, of a good likehhood, of a eventual mental breakdown, in the science of psychology one has to face the reality of their emotions, to understand the reasons for one to feels the emotions, one feels. The goal of facing one’s feelings is to eventually overcome one’s self from feeling depressed or it face one’s depression, is the natural state to eventually to be healed by depression. One has to deeply think about their depression, to eventually, one will realize, there isn’t any real reason to be emotionally depressed. That is what I have to do, I have to face the reality of my emotional state of depression, in order to understand the emotional trauma of the emotional abuse, I suffered by the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores at Vancouver, Canada, and eventually; the emotional control of feeling emotional depressed will naturally vanished and thus, this is the natural process to overcome emotional depression and to be healed of being emotionally depressed, I will not ignore the natural state of the emotional depression because ignoring being emotionally depression is psychology worse and counter productive for the natural healing process! Slowly, I have to expose myself to the emotional stressors of the emotional trauma, I have, in order to understand my emotional state of depression, which will eventually lead to my own discovery of being healed of my emotional state of depression. I have noticed, earlier this evening, when I saw a picture of a couple in wedding clothing; that was an emotional stressor for me and I neede to analyze those emotions, in order to understand, the complexity of being depressed, to completely understand the emotional trauma, to understand the resulting emotional depression which will naturally lead for the emotional state to be healed. In the picture of the couple, I felt, emotional damage, as if; I can’t be physically near Katharina Schuttler because of protecting her from my knowledge of being severely traumatized, I don’t want Katharina Schuttler to see me in such extreme emotional pain.