I Very Much Disliked How I Don’t Have „Personal“ Privacy, So What Is The Point Of Continuance Hiding 

I very much disliked how, I don’t have privacy of my reproductive parts and I have reach the point to release myself from their controlling power, for instance, today, which I will write, I had to specifically apply sanitary care on my penis, but because I don’t have privacy, people around me became hysterical and it was noticeable in their mannerism. Every day, I do clean the corona and foreskin of my penis but because of too much walking the corona became dry, lack of moisture, so, after I cleaned myself, I felt a little discomfort, after I was ready to leave, so, I looked at myself and the corona was lacking moisture, I rarely touch the corona directly because of the highly sensitive sensations but today, I had to apply lotion on the corona and that was when people around me became hysterical, because they heard me had a slight yell, because it was sort of painful because the lotion is of bad quality but I never use lotion, it is only now because of much walking, I have done recently. The reason the corona becomes dry, is because of the movement of the penis while I walk. Those rumors are true, the penis and scrotom are in constant movement while I walk but are confined to the extra room of my boxers, and yes, when I sit down, the slapping sound is caused of the flesh of the scrotom against the chair. For those non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores who will become jealous of me, my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun was the same too. My Maternal Grandmother Eva Braun was against the sexual control of the female for which my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun wore thin house dresses and purposely spread her legs, while getting up from any chair.