When I Become King The Sanctification Of Nazi America, Will Be My First Plan To Rule

My first plan to rule on is the racial sanctification of Nazi America, this will be a very complex project. I require strong new advanced military uniforms, highest level of bio protection,  bullet proof, its own internal breathing system, advanced weapons, to be made with precision of shooting targets and weapons or lasers which will be easy, fast, to kill. Then I want to plan mass deployment of these Gestapo military people, and open fire on all non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores. I am aware of the precise mass surveillance but I don’t want the remaining Aryans in Nazi America to be on the same land as the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores killings because of God’s wrath and my concern for realitation of attacks on Aryans in Nazi America. I will send my future plan, to Parliament, here members of parliament can negotiate to plan the manufacturer of the new military uniforms and designs of new military crafts. I want to use my own advisors to help me formulate a fast cleansing of Nazi America, including geographic deployments. So, right now, my project are in two parts, the organization of new military equipment, and after it is planed by parliament, I will review the plan, for its arcuatsy and proper design, then after the plan meets my requirements, I will commence the Sanctification of Nazi America by my signature of both the military weaponry and the plan of military deployments. Then I will release these documentations on social media.