Today Is My 36th Birthday: My Mom Emotionally Prepared For Her Death, During Her Last Years Of Life

During my mom’s last years of life at King Arthur Court Apartments, my mom was very strict with royal protocol and many times, we did argue about it. It is also the time, when my mom’s visits to the emergency room increased. When I spent the day around downtown Seattle, I would arrived home around dinner time, my mom would be washing the dishes and the entire apartment was cleaned. I remember once, I became angered at my mom for being very formal when I arrived and I asked my mom, why she wasn’t behaving normal and my mom asked me to define the meaning of normal. I explained to my mom, cheerful greeting and the typical questions of my day. My mom responded, she felt too tired, we both we too quick to judge each other, I asked my mom, how can you be tired when you were home all day? When I was the one who went outside during the day. I also like to tease my mom and I said she was lazy. My mom became very angered and she said, she was cleaning the apartment all day while I was outside, she told me she wasn’t lazy, then she told me, look don’t you see how clean the living room looks. My mom enjoyed our arguments but it caused my mom to get worse physical symptoms, some times, my mom asked me, why I haven’t spoken to her for the day, I told her because she felt sick and I don’t want you to feel worse and my mom would become nostalgic and she said, „I love you and I enjoy talking to you,“ but you become sick when we talk and argue, my mom said, „it doesn’t matter, I enjoy talking to you.“