My Future Plan Of Temporary Aryan Residency Of American Residents At Europe 

The most difficult part of the entire plan of the sanctification of Nazi America, will be the temporarily relocation of Aryan residents of America at Europe, with that I do need much help, I got the idea of „the purpose hotel“ from Sleeping At Last’s Ryan and I believe this is one good choice to house Aryans but I desire to cooperate with other government in Europe to build „purpose hotels“ in Europe for the amount of the potential Aryans, who may wish to locate in Europe temporarily, also old fashioned housing will be an option, apartments or houses and I want to plan additional resources for the Aryans, including giving Aryans the option to remain to live in Europe and help them to establish a career and their own financings. I want this part of my plan to be established before the commencement of the Sanctification of Nazi America.