I Understand The Role Of Parliament In The Absolute Monarchy Of The United Kingdom, Contractors 

I plan to publicly share my royal order in social media, news will no longer exist but the official details of my royal planning will sent electronically to Parliament, for them to arraign everything which is needed to accomplish my royal orders, and I will order my future government officials to release my royal orders to the public by social media. I may have formal visits at Parliament simply for the pleasure of talking but I prefer government matters to remain public, electronic notices too by my future government officials will be sent to my cellphone, the typical „breaking news notification“ sound. I will need to ask government officials about my current cellphone but it may be possible, my cellphone, may be able to carry the most advanced signals without interruption, but soon, I will need another cellphone for much data storage availability. I don’t know the specifics of this yet, but I will use mass surveillance for individuals of the Aryan race to personally call me on my cellphone and I have yet to decide on my own routine of public phone calls.