I Have Much Excitement For My First Direct Communication At A Christian Concert, In The United Kingdom, Next Year 

I am planning my first global tv appearance among a Christian concert I am planning, in early 2017, at the United Kingdom. I am to wait until early next year, because once I become King, I will have direct communication with the Aryans via social media. I have yet to formalize my future royal protocol, because I enjoye the natural joking of the Aryans and I noticed the formality of royal titles, is a hindrance to that type of communication. In addition to the formality or if I decide, in not using royal titles during that tv concert, I would enjoy a short conversation among Christian Aryan musicians, similar to an „ask & answer“ ephemeral. The purpose of the conversation is my attempt for Christian musicians to know me personally, especially, since God has blessed me with with their ministry. I, also, desire to practice to be authentic in that future conversations and because of that I want to articulate, proper grammar to express my joy and sincere authentically, that is why, I have decided to wait for early next year, by practice via social media. I have decided on basic royal protocol in conversations with me, I desire members of the Aryan race to great me with „My Fuhrer,“ bow of head and right arm salute, after that „normal“ conversation, „sir“ isn’t necessary in the conversation. I wish to formally great members of the Aryan race, at first by Mr, Mrs, miss, and in my attempt to know people, I will asked then, how I should call them by, name or nickname.