Thursday 27 September 2016: Now I Know Of Another Possible Outcome, If I Were To Remain In Vancouver, Canada 

I sensed God no longer wanted me to remain in Canada, for about one month. Last night, it was revealed to me, of another psychotic stalker us Armand but this time, the homosexual stalker may had turned violent. What was difficult for me to leave Vancouver, Canada, was the fun adventurous feeling of being at Vancouver, Canada. Now I am at Bellingham, WA, for about the first hour, I was here, it was emotionally difficult to be here, because I saw a „follower“ of Armand  (the autobot image of Hillary Clinton of „50 bucks ahead.“) Because of the Armand’s copy cat fashion (the lie of fags‘ „love“ is deadly hate and I sensed it greatly, for about one hour, after I arrived at Bellingham, that worsen the sorrow, was I didn’t understood, if the attacking homosexual stalking was to happened to me, why was I brought to Bellingham, strangely the death sorrow, felt worse at Bellingham, WA than Vancouver, Canada. Eventually, during the day, the homosexual death environment left. Bellingham is very similar to Seattle, for a change, I don’t feel grief of the memories of Seattle. Yesterday was very frustrating and very silly, nick named it, the game of the homosexual protection, the silly part of this game, by the Canadian border agents at Peach Arch entrance, were the non sense, non existing lies of why they didn’t want me to enter Canada. I too, tried to play their game and also, with the response of the game to them, I made them realized what they were doing was non sense. It worked, for an agent Judin hermphrodite gay whore told me the truth of their protection for the fags, but I wasn’t allowed into Canada. Therefore, since all that psychotic protection of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, I remembered much of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores at Vancouver, Canada. I then realized, I became free of that city of bunch of gay whoring degenerates; especially the Aboriginal Shelter. One event, that occurred yesterday, which is very stressful and upsetting, was biometric scan of my hand, but specific my right middle finger, by the American Judin hermphrodite gay whore „man.“ The manner of unnecessarily force placed on my middle finger on the biometric meter, was symbolic as if, the Judin hermphrodite gay whore „man“ was referring to the Aryan Supremacist man source of „romantic“ love of the penis, to communicate, it is my penis itself for the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores over protection and not myself and which the psychological of this communication can be further explain but is much insulting for me to further explain.