Wednesday 28 September 2016. I Didn’t Die Physically But Worse Case Scenario Has Happened To Me Because Of Armand & Yes, I Am Severely Depressed 

Because I reported Armand to the cops, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores conspired among each other to illegally deported me from Canada. I comprehend God doesn’t want me to be with those fag, here at Blaine, WA, I am resting from those non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores but being in America has the same deadly outcome not from the fags, but because of lack of funds & free food, because of this, Vancouver, B.C, still seems better but I do know it is impossible for me to know everything but I wonder, how much I had to wait for God to intervene. I have  $30, now, I am saving the money for snacks and even though I can’t comprehend it, I have a blessing of a „community meal“ on G street in Blaine, WA. I can’t even apply for social security income because I can’t afford to the bus rides from Blaine to Bellingham, plus SSA 30 days of residency in America, that would be in November, so even if I did reapply for SSI, I would had to wait until November. Because of all that anti white racist anti Aryan Supremacist heterosexuality, protection of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, I threw the American passport I had in the trash, it did turned into a curse! I do know, I should be allowed into Canada by the Refugee claimant document but I wish to trick them too, because I can’t be allowed into America without a passport. God is faithful and I will face the lie of those over protecting non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, of their lies of arresting me at Canada, anyways, I will eventually stave to death here at Blaine, WA, that is the human component of this, but I know this is God’s will. I have yet to understand the reason of this but, this year, God wants me to face and survive the oppression faced by the Aryan until the end of time which the anti Christ against me. God is building strength to the demonic and of this world because I do know the global chaos caused by the anti Christ will be much stress in another form. I remember a dear saying of pastor Dave, Dave explained that God builds Christian ministry to help others by living in similar situations, because as pastor Dave explained, how can you help someone in the comfort of Christian ministry, when you don’t know what they are going through and praise God for giving me this opportunity to prove how much I love Katharina Schuttler, as in pretend illegal trail of my self defense against the Armand, guilty is my plea. God wants me to comprehend this too of the Aryan men. Much has changed with the acquaintance I had, I would described it has a blessing because, when I do visit America for a Christian concert, I don’t have to waste money, to visit El Paso, nor my mom’s former friend at Seattle.