Tuesday 27 September 2016: The Armand Activities 

Tonight, I noticed the guilt of the Armand, after Armand spoke to the cop, the Armand didn’t had natural facial expression, thankfully, I  didn’t, yet comprehend, the significance of the Armand reaction, until now. The metaphor, is, the Armand had an expression of being caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The Armand, had an expression of happiness embarrassment, with a little of anger, but the Armand appeared more psychotic with, the Armand’s homosexual sadomaschmo. Again, the Armand is playing the CHARLATAN trick with me and it is deeply disappointing Armand, knows much about me. Somehow, the Armand, studied me to know, when I am aroused by Katharina Schuttler. The last time, when the Armand, arrived late for lunch, the Armand saw me, Armand became both angered and disappointed because, the Armand, somehow, knew I was deeply aroused by the thoughts of Katharina Schuttler. The Charlatan game continued yesterday, after, the Armand mysteriously, COINCIDENTALLY, vanished from the Aboriginal Shelter, which, I took advantage of the opportunity to masturbate. Today, the Armand, is still stalking me, by his late arrival for line up at the Aboriginal Shelter. The Armand is very much as the Elias Lopez and the Armand has now has a blue colored sweater and as with Elias Lopez, the Armand wears his blue sweater inside. Elias Lopez was obsessed with the precise timing of his routine, as is the Armand is precise with his routine, because of the Armand’s precise timing of the routine, the Armand is now doing two things, the Armand is trying to avoid me, but the Armand is still interested in the homosexual sadomaschmo the Armand has, because, why would the Armand arrived, precisely arrived within 15 minutes after I arrived at the Aboriginal Shelter’s line up. In addition to the stalking, the Armand remains in the Aboriginal Shelter for breakfast: remember, I  explained, the obsessed routine of the Armand, I don’t have a precise routine time of eating breakfast, as the obsessed precise routine of the Armand arrived for lunch at 601 Hastings Street or the precise timing of the Armand arrival at the Aboriginal Shelter; with the consideration of the obsessed precise routine of the Armand, the Armand is coincidence is here at the Aboriginal Shelter, has if the Armand was sadomaschmo fixated to have any sort of interaction at me, during the breakfast time.