Sunday 25 September 2016; Facebook Censorship In Canada From America 

I have seen posts of American based individuals on Facebook, here in Canada; it seems half of their posts are censored, here in Canada. I do now pastor Dave very well: pastor Dave was a high racking official at the North American base in Colorado and pastor Dave is always military in behavior, because of this behavior of pastor Dave; I do know some of pastor Dave Facebook posts are censored. Less of the censorship is on my mom’s former care giver Facebook but my mom’s friend’s posted a church service and the audio of the church service was censored and parts of the audio was uncomprehenable. Now a relative of my mom’s cousin is, in contact with me on Facebook; it is somewhat discouraging, Facebook censors their users posts. How do I feel to be in contact with my mom’s family in Texas by Facebook, I am excited about the direct private messaging, but the public posts would be censored by Facebook; about my public posts; I would be concerned about them worrying for me too much; for only this, I would like to asked them to directly message me. I do wish to be in contact with some members of my great aunt; I noticed my maternal Great Aunt has grandson who has a similar general curiosity as myself.