Saturday 24 September 2016: God’s Miracle For Me Against The Amard

Yesterday I spoke to an anti white racist  Judin „female“ hermphrodite gay whore Vancouver cop and anti white racist Judin hermphrodite gay whore „man‘ of Vancouver Canada. In the ending the cops confessed they were arguing with me, because they wanted for me to understand royal power and because; since the question of where is my birthnaion was frequently asked to me, it was explained to me, it would be illegal to ask for an ID of the United Kingdom. The anti white racist Judin hermphrodite gay whore „female“ confessed about the Armand did confused to the cop; only because old man the Armand was cursed by God’s wrath. Everything I stated and the Armand felt guilty about much individuals went too far with the mass illegal protection for the fags. Armand was afraid of a repeat of another WWI if I were too, and Armand was concerned about myself to self protection of myself and Armand became very frighten of me because, the Armand was trying to ask my forgiveness base on the Bible of throwing a rock, to where, the Armand became fearful because I responded to the Armand, „It is good you got up because I was about to kill you.“ The Armand became angered that I laughed at his dog like face, whenever he looked at me, the Armand was curious to know the response the typical response against homosexual flirts against the Aryan heterosexual men, or what „straight Aryan felt, when a ‚gay man'“ does the homosexual flirting. It was God’s specifical blessing of this insanity of the sadomaschmo gay flirting, God allowed this to continue to strengthen my resolve to understand the true deadly threat of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore, to where, even God provided the cops; to acknowledge the complete truth of the stalking homosexual Armand, God did provided another answer concerning the eventual physical threat of the Armand, by the symbolic of the cop, to portray as if the Armand, already went too far in actual physical hurting of me by the Armand. I do sense God’s healing for me, I slept deeply for over 3 hours, this evening, the three hours didn’t felt as if I slept until the morning. God  wants me completely rest now, I did dream; I felt very comfortable after I awoke and I didn’t have the an erection either, but I felt deep peace, as if God said to me, (this war is now over, you should rest completely now.) Even though I was severely stress, God taught me; the stress was only a result of the biological response but God is very proud that even though the severe stress I still remain loyal for God, I taught, I never lost control of myself. I sense by God, if anyone else were to be placed in that similar death game, many wouldn’t survive. One of the teaching lesson of God, God wanted me to noticed again, that I am very strong. God doesn’t get angered at me when I become fearful of the situations but instead of God’s Wrath, I receive God’s teaching to me (you are very strong, it is natural to be fearful but you are still remaining faithful towards me, you are remaining faithful for your wife of Katharina Schuttler, and you remain faith to your Aryan race, because they are discouraging your life giving love.)