Saturday 24 September 2016: A Bad Day For Me Today 10:01 Am Update

Even doctors and social workers here are in collaboration to protect the fags, especially Armand. The doctor told me; I should deal with this alone; as if being stalk by an obsessed homosexual following you can be manageable as if one may kindly tell the stalker „you can leave me now and goodbye.“ I was given medicine and I have been waiting for anything of any communication by any hospital staff, for three hours. I spoke briefly to a social worker, since the doctor was insisting having trauma from stalking is natural and easy to be managed. The doctor told me I should had called the police and tell them about the stalking and the doctor said something to a restraining order against Armand, I replied, how would I know what to do when I was feeling stressed, and how would, I to know about going to the cops, to file a restraining order against Armand. I did explained I went to the ER to be treated for emotional stress and after that I do want to contact the police. The Vancouver police were helpful about my report against the Armand, to file a restraining order. I didn’t want to report this to the cops because police reports, knew of, were conducted in detail. In August of this year, exposed himself, didn’t see him but the Armand said very disgusting things of the Armand’s „female“ homosexuality. I did told the cop, in a previous time, stated his intentions to do sexually things at me.