Thursday 22 September 2016: Brandon Heath Song Of „Now More Than Ever“

The song „Now More Than Ever“ is about the Aryan man discovering his love for his future wife, the lust for her, the brief ephemeral of being so overwhelming of knowing the blessing of „be one flesh“ of one eventually discovers, the physical sensations of sex, for me, I discovered a proximity of intercourse, when I was given a prophetic dream of having sex with Katharina Schuttler and I did felt overwhelmed and with the combination of all the homosexual junk against me, by the discovery of the Damien at the Heaven Shelter was stalking me for his homosexual sadomaschmo, and the truth of the Damien insane homosexual fixation of me and Katharina Schuttler. That was the first time I felt I may get an emotional breakdown, if I didn’t controlled my anger. Here are the meaning of the lyrics of the song „Now More Than Ever.“

„Dig my hands into the earth 

Sometimes I need you so bad it hurts“

These lyrics descripes masturbation, the stiffness of an erection, and how first is sensed. I remember, while I lived at the San Francisco bay area, when I first felt the feeling of exactly the right match for me, I felt very worried, because I didn’t know how to have sex; I didn’t know how to love romantically and the sense to be with Katharina Schuttler, it did turned into a stress of, I had to minimize my exposure of Katharina Schuttler by internet research and Katharina Schuttler music videos. Eventually for several factors, I wanted to returned to the United kingdom and have a proper introduction to Katharina Schuttler and our version of „dating.“ For me that was the emotional hurt, then; the morning of the pain of an erection; after waking up, sometimes, it feels awkward, because most of the times, I don’t feel arouse but then I do become arouse and the feeling is so intense that it becomes as emotional stress.

„I want you now more than ever 

I’ve been living in a foreign land 

Confessions of a broken man‘

For me, I do want to know Katharina Schuttler at this current time but I waiting improves things greatly and I have much excitement to finally get what I have been waiting for years because by then the bond will be so strong, and I sense God given perfection relationship with Katharina Schuttler, in reference in bonding. To leave in a foreign land, refers to the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores. Confessions of a broken man signifies the feeling of being incomplete until one fertilize the ovum of one’s wife; then one will feel God’s destiny in one self has finally been accomplished.

„I want you now more than ever 

The more I see, the more I want 

The more I know, it doesn’t stop“

There is a chain reaction, these lyrics are better explained reverse. It is because God teaches one’s destiny of God’s command of „be one flesh,“ because of this God reveals prophecies of one’s future wife, for me, I was shown, the important significance of the sperm being a strong force of life to require the fertilization of one’s future wife’s ovum, the birth chamber was shown to me, to explain to me, the beautiful future sensations of sex and perfect safety. Because of these facts, I am in almost constant state of arousal, „It doesn’t stop“ for me, describes The consistency of morning erections which leads to the strong urgency to fertilize the ovum.

„Your beauty speaks to call me home me home 

Now More Than Ever“

This is what I tried to post last night but some malicious event occurred with WordPress and this explanation was left out of yesterday’s post, the songs doesn’t encourage any sexuality; one is required to be an Aryan Supremacist heterosexual, to understand the lyrics, because the lyrics are based on deep personal experiences to which if one has never sense the arousal for an Aryan female; you won’t be able to comprehend the meaning of the lyrics, the song is a complex puzzle of its only primer is one’s own experiences!!!

„The more I feel that you are here 

The world disappears 

And all I want is to be home“

I do understand these lyrics clearly, because of prophetic dreams and detailed imagery, when you masturbate, one has a sense you actually are having sex with your future wife and to be home is the sensual perfection to be and finally accomplished the explosive ejaculation event one may has to wait for years.

„Now more than ever 

So now tell me something that I haven’t heard 

I’ll be hanging on every word 

I want you now more than ever 

How long must you must me wait?

Give me hope, give me strength

I want you now more than ever“

I too have a sense of desperation of, the next step is to obtain knowledge of one’s future wife personality and one often thinks of, the specific of one’s future wife personality and one often searches for examples of one’s future wife’s response