Friday 23 September 2016. My Life’s Year Started On September 2016, Vancouver, Canada. It Is Losing One’s Virginity Emotionally 

The first half of the day, yesterday, Friday 23 September 2016, God bless me. I noticed the blessings, after I left the doctor appointment at Davie Street, I thought about the severity of the insanity of the Damien Armand at the Aboriginal Shelter but I felt, sense, it may be likely, the doctor appointment was the last attempt of the insanity of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags to protect the collective guilt of all fags and I felt very happy for Katharina Schuttler, I felt as she belong to me as a gift from God, simply for God’s grace. Then I spoke with my maternal Great cousin in Texas, she sounded as a joyful relief, because I sent a text picture of myself taken at the West End Fest in the West End Community Centre. I felt excitement and the excitement then turned into a love compassion for one’s future children.