Wednesday 21 September 2016: A Day Of Much Blessings From God To Me

God has blessed me much today! Vancouver is truly home for me, it is very fun here, because God has made it fun for me, simply eating at restaurants, I am reminded the food is cooked in European style. The food is prepared with natural flavoring such as salt and powder black pepper seasoning is very common in most foods here at Canada, the food is inexpensive for the large portion of food plus the food isn’t fattening; Vancouver is very much as the description of the song „Amsterdam,“ about good food and I was reminded of my mom, my mom wanted me to be familiar with Vancouver, so I may move here after my mom died. My mom did saved money, so she & I to visit Vancouver, all this time we lived at Seattle, my mom was actually preparing me to live at Vancouver by myself. I do enjoy Vancouver more than Seattle. Since, I arrived here at Vancouver, the Canadian culture has changed especially all forms of media here in Canada; Aryan Supremacy in all media is becoming the predominant culture, in fact, the isolation of Canada is so strict that America current culture isn’t broadcast in Canada; I noticed a big difference between the Aryan Supremacist culture here and America’s by posting of people in America on some social media sites but even the social media posts from America are censored because often when the posts are read in Canada, the caption doesn’t make sense by the same picture post, they don’t collerate, only videos on Facebook seems not to be censored because the activities broadcast in the videos are clear without vague dialogue, some posts on Twitter are not censored but Facebook has the lest amounts of censorship than all social sites online. I bought clothing at Canada, for the first time at Granville street at Old Navy store, I bought black slack plants, and a raincoat for over  $68.00. A bought a new umbrella at London Drugs, that was good because, it will rain again, later this week. The heterosexual behavior is taught by masturbation with is the same as sex except without the biologically part of sex. The song of „Now More Than Ever“ of the guitar sound effect of ejaculation is correct too, after one has gone through the death process of love. The strangest part of love is, the media’s insanity m sadomaschmo stereotype type of love, is totally false, it is more like immature children playing „mommy“ and „daddy,“ the fact about love, is, it is given to us by God, to feel strong lust for one’s future wife, is a strong hypnotic, because, it is an order given to „be one flesh,“ but it isn’t a burden, it feels very beautiful, it senses, a deep restful sleep with very pleasurable sensations, on the member, as if the natural state of feeling, deep satisfaction of sleeping. I heard many non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fag „men“ become angered about their hermphrodite „male“ organs, because the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „men“ can’t feel nor, can the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fag „men“ can have any love, they don’t even value their own experience! I will protest these WordPress moderator as actually, you will get yourselves more angered because; I will explain lyric by lyrics of the song „Now More Than Ever,“ and next time, I will write explicit but thank you for forcing to explain the truth in detail in another post.