Tuesday 20 September 2016: The Damien & Other Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Gay Whoring At The Aboriginal Shelter 

There are more evidence of the Damien is an homosexual stalker against me, the Damien now sleeps completely covered in blankets because the Damien knows I plan to protect myself against the Damien. Yesterday, the Judin hermphrodite gay rapists blamed me for the nervousness of the Damien, truthfully, I do hope the Damien will drop dead from fear!!! God answered my prayers of allowing me to sleep a little more this morning and I was able to sleep an extra hour. I noticed this morning, when I awoke, I had a panic attack, out of breath, fast beating heart, and a strong sense of danger, but only for one minute or less. This morning, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „men“ are at the herd mentality of flashing, one Judin hermphrodrite gay whore „man“ become offended I laughed at „him.“ I laughed at the Judin man hermphrodite gay whore „man“ because „he“ doesn’t look human because „he“ isn’t a human, the haplogroup 47 is not part of humanity, plus, the Judin hermphrodite gay whore „man“ has easily breakable skeleton. Another non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „man“ did the flashing junk, it is actually funny these non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „men“ are very scared of me to attack them, thank God.