Tuesday 20 September 2016: I Know Comprehend The Cause Of The Severe Stress Caused By The Flasher Damien Gay Rapist Stalker 

That Judin hermphrodite gay rapist man at the Union Gospel Mission so said that deadly homosexual junk against me; now I comprehend, the stress I feel by the song „Jesus In Disguise,“ it is because of the death feeling of the homosexual junk against me by the Damien, it is likely all Aryan men, may naturally sense death by the homosexual attraction against us. What is strange of Damien, he too is placing his homosexual stalking guilt on me, the Damien now walks around the Aboriginal Shelter, with a malicious jealous glace at me, it is the Damien, who first, should feel ashamed to instigated a trigger effect which severely hurt me, the Damien should be ashamed of exposuring himself with homosexual flirts during that other time, to which resulted in the first time, I became very stressed and sobbing for Katharina Schuttler in August, that was the first time, I became very enraged for this junk, and I wanted to yell at God to help me „say the word your lips have never know because your heart told your soul.“ That is very true, the death feeling  isn’t recognized cognitively, it is felt by the sense of the reproductive life inside me, which is the reason why, it took almost one month to recognize the death feeling caused by the Damien homosexual stalking attraction against me.