Thank You Much Aryan Men For Your Protest Of Support 

I have seen social media postings of Aryan men supremacists in support of my protesr against the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags, it is ironic, of the homosexuals, they even hate all of our existence because of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „men“ inferior complex of their haplogroup 47 & other racial hermphrodite racial groups. I saw a picture of band members of Hot Chili Peppers who painted their bodies white, after I made a WordPress post about a future music video I desire to be in of „Jesus In Disguise,“ to help me pycholocally end the trauma of these pro genocide against the Aryan race non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags, which has been many months now. How is my trauma manifested? Similar to post traumatic stress syndrome, I experienced by the 1989, earthquake, the song „Jesus In Disguise“ is very emotionally uncomfortable for me but I do know God is requiring me to listen but unlike the post traumatic stress syndrome of the 1989 earthquake, now when I experienced much trauma, I become very sleepy, which helps me not to lose my patience with those non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore harassers; what would had been the results of high stress but not being very drozy during that homosexual non sense? The question of discovering the song on the first place? I  was already in a state of much stress before the phone payment, I made this month, the stress was only deleyed until I heard the song. Eventually,the  song will be of great blessing for me; since I felt a renewal of myself, as if I was actually losing my „virginity“ to Katharina Schuttler, I heard of this phenomenon in songs too of a time of feeling dead but then restarting life again. The gay flirting talk about me feels very horrible as if acts of death against me, it is too much for me to handle right now in combination of many other factors; God will provide strength for me, I will have the rest necessary for God to sustain me until I may be comfortable; peaceful, and alone at my apartment