Union Gospel Mission, I Was Purposely Flirted By Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Judin Gay „Partners“

Some Judin man almost kissed me at the Union Gospel Mission, and I was getting ready to punch his face, the Judin hermphrodite gay whore did noticed because I lean my body away from him and almost raised my arm to punch him. Then I continue to warn the Judin gay fag, to don’t even attempt with the homosexual flirts, I purposely pointed the fork of my lunch to the Judin man, I punched the table with my fists to times, to display Aryan Supremacist heterosexuality because the hermphrodite gay whores don’t have proper reproductive organs. The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore man tried very much to talk to me, he even placed his bag under my chair, so I would talk to him. The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore told his „partner“ that I have a strong personality and he was fearful of me, he is wrong, yes, I was warning the fag to leave me alone, yes, I was about to punch his face, what about the consideration of the malicious intention of the hermphrodite gay whore man against me! I didn’t understood why the Judin man hermphrodite gay was thinking like that, besides feeling very insulting, I didn’t understood the homosexual purpose of a mouth full of poisonous bacteria, even more disgusting and insulting. The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore admitted an incablilty to his gay „partner,“ while I left, but during the entire time, I didn’t understood the sexual nature, I believed the Judin man hermphrodite gay was purposely picking a fight with me. I became very enraged after I discovered the truth of the entire homosexual junk, for I to viewed as „very sexy“ doesn’t make sense from the Judin man hermphrodite gay man because of his hermphrodite male organ for what is that to be considered about!? Even more insulting question if I viewed myself „sexy,“ no I don’t, for sexy means to become sexual sexual aroused, I do know I am masculine and powerful looking but I get sexual aroused for a female body not mine, my arousal is for the wide birth carrying hips of a female, to feel the ejaculation fill the birth chamber of a female, to feel the soft flesh of the inner virgina storking the flesh of the corona, to feel the weight of the soft female body against mine, and allowing the female to thrust herself against me, for me, that is really sexy!!! Answer this question, you bunch of insane homosexuals, why is it you believe you are females!? For which scientific facts should I consider you to be females!? God has created you a rodents, the lowest level of creatures on earth for which scientific facts; why should I consider your primitive consciousness worth while to have an authentic conversation if your homosexuality wasn’t disclosed to me! I thought over the homosexual junk at Union Gospel Mission, something doesn’t make sense of the homosexual junk, why did the Judin man hermphrodite gay whores became protected of themselves after I bumb my fists on the table; the true reason was to pick a fight and to control me.