Sunday 18 September 2016: Brandon Heath’s Song „Stolen“

The song, „Stolen,“ is another song describing Jesus of protection for Aryan Supremacist man from illegal persecution of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore „men.“ 

„I’m a fugitive

running from life that I was meant meant to live“

 (Brandon Heath was rejected by his step „family“ too as I was, and Brandon Heath was homeless at a shelter, a reference song is, „I’m not who I was.“)

„looking for somewhere that I can lay my head

I’m lucky if I make it through the night“ 

(literally meaning because Brandon Heath was stab on his left arm, by a Judin homosexual, similar situation of the „Damien“ here at the Aboriginal Shelter.)

„but I can’t sleep 

knowing that you’re one step ahead of me

Knowing that you’re one step ahead of me

I’m a fool for ever thinking Jude just let me go“

(The Damien has been stalking me, since the Haven shelter; I went to another shelter, where the Damien exposed himself because he was jealous of Katharina Schuttler, then I went to the Aboriginal Shelter, where the Damien was too, free lunch, at 601 Hastings, again, the Damien, has lunch there too, I got a back bag, the Damien got his own back bag.)

Then the song changes to a prayer to Jesus 

„That’s not the way its ever gone before“

(First time I had a homosexual stalker and I believed the Damien wouldn’t continue to stalk after the Haven shelter)

„I’m yours“

 (Brandon has a plan to marry a female to which was the reason the homosexual stalker stab Brandon’s left arm, because Brandon told the homosexual Brandon’s plan to marry a female.)

„You catch me like a thief in the night“

(Jesus’s Grace to suddenly save him from the stabbing homosexual Judin stalker)

„You hold me when I put up a fight“

(That happened to me too, to become angered at God for the homosexual opportunity to remove one’s future wife)

„You chase me when I run from Your Light“

(Again, the same God’s heavy requirement for me to leave California planned on only a few days noticed, I felt a heavy requirement to listen to the song „Jesus In Disguise“ even when I wanted to listen to other songs, it was because of the constant playing of the song „Jesus In Disguise“ that I discovered Brandon Heath was stab by a homosexual Judin stalker, to same the Damien stalker here at Vancouver, except the Damien is yet to have a conversation with me)

„Because You love, You won’t give up“

(By God’s grace, it was God’s protection for me, was the reason,  I felt a strong requirement, to listen to the song „Jesus In Disguise“ until God had to show me what God wanted)

„‚Til my heart is stolen

‚Til my heart is stolen away“

(God has predestined our future wifes, one for Brandon Heath and Katharina Schuttler for me)

„I’m trying to understand that life comes after dying“

(Knowing the complete truth of the homosexual Damien stalker, I had a strong different sense of the strength of love for Katharina Schuttler to which feels a complete change in one self of extreme happy excitement for my future wife, to if someone knew me personally, they would noticed the difference but after a very deeply stressful night, the same thing happened to Brandon Heath for his motivation for the song „I’m not who I was“)