If I Were To Talk To The Damien About His Stalking Of Me

I would tell, the fag stalker, I am to be married to a female, I hate days as himself and to stop stalking me! I would explained to him, he has been to four different locations where I have been and that isn’t a coincidence! I would explained to the homosexual stalker if he wasn’t so homosexuality obsessed with me, I still wouldn’t even talk to him, the Damien is as ugly as a real demon, the ugliest and evilest individual I have ever seen in person. I don’t know how you view yourself as to know how I think of your constant flirting to me, I never understood the insanity of the homosexuals buy your flirts to me is making me very rageful, because you are ugly as death itself and your body represents death itself too nothing of what you want to feel for you is working but to prove your are an ugly demon dog „man.“ Your subliminal flashing of yourself it actually proving to me to how to attack you if you threaten me, I can kick hard on your spaghetti like lower back, I am able with not much force break bones in your body. Now you have your answer of what an Aryan Supremacist man thinks by your homosexual stalking of him, we do think of your death!!! Now leave me alone!