The Meaning Of The Song „Jesus In Disguise“ By Brandon Heath 

I have gathered much facts of the Christian minister Brandon Heath’s personality by watching his music videos, on YouTube, other social media sites, postings by Brandon Heath and the video of „Jesus In Disguise,“ itself. The song „Jesus In Disguise“ is factually explicit heterosexual; what is very interesting, how the prophecy of the song of „Jesus In Disguise“ of me, in the music video by Brandon Heath, I sense and saw, Brandon Heath had a similar experience, exactly has mine but I don’t comprehend it, these are the lyrics „speak the word your lips have never know because your heart told your soul.“ Now, the meaning of the song „Jesus In Disguise,“ 

(Video confirmation) „Ever get something in your head“ (semen in the penis) „or something you’ve heard, or something you’ve read“ (when Moses lost his temper with God) „Ever had a cup“ (reference to romance of New Years eve of Auld Lange Syne) but you never saw a plate“ (in combination, is to fall in love with an Aryan female,but are not married, because of reference of marriage of house made cooking) „brought to your knees, but you never preyed“ (an Aryan man who has never dated any female but yet is under the feeling of death because of the requirement of his sperm to conceive a child with his future Aryan Supremacist Feminist wife) „Jesus In Disguise“ (reference to me, as God chosen me to be his vessel to save the Aryan race and to start the rapture, by sending nuclear bombs to the anti Christ at Jersusalem, after the anti Christ commits the desolation of the abomination at the temple) „Jehovah passing by“ (God’s Almighty protection) „The burden of a tear“(video confirmation, the burden of not being with my future queen Katharina Schuttler combined with the burden not being physically yet able to conceive a child with her, to love Katharina Schuttler but not with her, confirmation of the song „My Dream Girl“ by Brandon Heath) „Hanging in your eye“ „a scar across the sky“ (my escape to heaven & the rapture) „You were looking for a king: You would never recognized“ (God told everyone during the Old Testament times of the short German king, me)(The ancient Jews rejected Jesus) „ever feel like you have been somewhere before, you have hold the key, you know which door (my dream of my first sexual experience with Katharina Schuttler, predestined to marry Katharina Schuttler) this is the very strange lyrics because of Brandon Heath’s personification of my future, „speak the word your lips have never know because your heart told your soul“ (I once become very desperate for God to help me, I didn’t see anyway out of the situation and it was one of the rare occasions in my life where felt very enraged to which I knew not to react because I imagined myself in the situation and I noticed the results will be more dangerous than beneficial, I felt, the Moses enragement he had with God, and to yell to God how I felt and to remind God of his promise for me) „because your heart told your soul“ (video confirmation) „your heart“ was a reference to the penis in combination „ever feel like you have been somewhere before“