Sunday 18 September 2016: Confirmation By The „Damien“ Of Slight Risk Of To Be Attempted Attack On Me

Actually it was God who confirmed the wannabe be attack on me, similarly to the motivation of the stabbing in Brandon Heath’s left arm, when he was homeless at a shelter with his own stalker who was a homosexual. The homosexual stalker of the „Damien“ is the same type of stalker who extremely hate me for jealousy of myself and the „Damien“ is aware of my future wife Katharina Schuttler, to which is his true motivation of jealous turned into hatred against me. The „Damien“ is very scared about me, because the „Damien“ knows I am more stronger than it is, a strong push against the „Damien“ the „Damien“ will at least get a broken leg or arms, just by the impact of falling to the ground. The „Damien“ stood up and stared at me for several seconds during I listen to „Look After You,“ I sensed an angered comment by the Damien, then an earthquake happened, I became very angered at the „Damien“ at I looked at the „Damien“ to leave me alone expression, the „Damien“ had a panic attack because of shortness of breath and appeared disoriented. The „Damien“ does know of the prophecy of me of Brandon Heath example because the „Damien“ became angered at me, to which I looked at the „scar across the sky“ window. I am not afraid of the „Damien“ because it is factual, I don’t have to use much force at the „Damien,“ for the „Damien“ to injure HIMSELF. The „Damien“ has osteoporosis by the genetic Jewish racial marker of haplogroup 47. For an example of the „Damien’s“ physical weakness, if I were to kick the lower part of the „Damien’s“ leg at the same time pushed back on the „Damien’s“ forehead, it is likely by the impact The „Damien“ will get a broken leg or arms.