Saturday 17 September 2016: I Am So Tired Of This Damn Fight

It has been since April 30th since, I arrived here at Vancouver, BC, now middle September, to which I don’t see any possible outcome, God I have relied on You, I asked You to show me what you want because I sense from you, it is not Your will for me to be a resident of Canada, I have noticed this pattern but I have ignored your advice to otherwise not to remain in Canada, I don’t have money nor documentation to return to London, UK, but I sense thus may be the likely outcome. I sense, my enemies wish for my death for these facts; the homosexuals at the shelters which will always results in the copy cat outcome of Brandon Heath, of his attack at a homeless shelter because of the the same fucking insecurity of the Aryan, please destroy these non mankind inferior degenerate bunch of gay whores before the eventual outcome of Brandon Heath, because I too am losing my patients of their non sense self protection of their pro genocide against the Aryan race homosexual „community.“ I don’t want to make that decision again to have a place to sleep, but with the fags or sleep outside without any fags. It is obvious, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores Judin at Efry will not help me, I already know they have started another illegal set up. Please God show me the fastest manner to return to London, UK, I no longer desire to remain in Canada. 

I did have the prophetic dream of Bandon Heath Of This Picture, in my dream, I had a paper copy of this picture and I was trying to place the picture on my WordPress post and I was sobbing, which is rare for me, I heard two female talking about what happened to Brandon Heath and it will happen to me. The females didn’t know to which homosexual I would be speaking to not sure of the „Damie“ but the conversation started with the conversation of Joseph Stalin which lead to the conversation of suicidal gays to which Brandon Heath spoke of his love because Brandon Heath became angered, in addition, the cover up of EFry refusing me financial assistance will be more „required“ paper work for the Welfare office, but the set up of EFry is the beginning of the future conversation of Joseph Stalin. I was instructed to be aware of the conversation of Joseph Stalin and the lyrics of the „door“ is actually another prophecy; is
my escape from the fight against the future homosexual . It was disclosed to me in my dream, I am correct about everything about the song „Jesus In Disguise“ including the prophecy of the exact fighting against Brandon Heath furthermore it was explained to me Brandon Heath is currently under emotional stress too because of the fulfillment of the prophecy. The dream, it was explained to me because of the over protection of me by Brandon Heath he become angered about the truth of the symbolic masturbation because he knew the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores will become angered about the truth and the lyrics of „scar across the sky“ Brandon Heath is concerned, it may be another prophecy. My Maternal Great Aunt & my maternal Great cousin was discussed too, both are trying to call me, their calls don’t even reach my cellphone’s voice mail and they do know I am trying to contact them too, I expected a more obvious demonstration of the phone’s non existing service to America but my cellphone service to America is the same as the landlines here, the phone ring and rings as if no one is available to answer the phone. Because of my cellphone service, because my phone isn’t a landline telephone, I expected most telephone interruptions to America, would either be an auto recording or no ring tune. In addition, my maternal Great cousin & Maternal Great Aunt are concerned for me because of the anti white racist fags, but they know I am as strong as my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler. Earthquakes too, they are surprised that the global earthquakes aren’t stronger here because the earthquakes are stronger at El Paso, TX.