The Christian Ministry Of Brandon Heath 

Today, I saw the music video of the Christian minister Brandon Heath song of „Jesus In Disguise.“ The music video was very surprising, because the combination of the song lyrics with the music video, makes the song very relevant to the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags desire for the Aryan race to be gone by genocide, specifically; to stop, the Aryan man to procreate. Another surprising fact about Brandon Heath, is his personality is very much as mine, as I can visually see my own situation in another individual, for me, I am able to understand the significance of the situation, when I am not „in the picture picture.“ What I see in the video is extrem hatred for the Aryan race. For me, what is more disturbing than the images of pro genocide against the Aryan race, is the symbolic prison which the video portrays, in both terms of not being able to be with Katharina Schuttler and the insistence of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags attempts to interfere to eventually conceive a child with Katharina Schuttler.

I see myself in Brandon Heath, we have very similar personalities of I see myself concerning Katharina Schuttler
This is Katharina Schuttler!!! She looks much as my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun. I much desire for Katharina Schuttler to be my wife and the mother of my daughter to be the future royal Princess Maria Razcon & My Future son, the future Prince Adolf Razcon

God has blessed me with the ministry of Brandon Heath, God used both Brandon Heath & Sleeping At Last to disclose to me the reproductive life of the Aryan man, I feel closer to the Aryan, ministry against the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags, of which I am constantly surrounded by. Of Brandon Heath, I see a racial Aryan Supremacist brother. Because of my physical isolation of the Aryan, I am interested in knowing Brandon’s specific ministry, I do sense a sad ministry of Brandon Heath. Wasn’t there a prophet during the Old Testament times called the „crying prophet?“ Considering both of Aryan men experiencing life the same & God’s ministry, I wonder which other factors lead the song „Jesus In Disguise“ is very to my life. Yesterday, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags desire for me to discontinue the disclosure of the Aryan man heterosexuality, thanks to them, now I will be more specific, in this post. Brandon Heath position on the couch is exactly how I masturbate on my bed, including the legs, and the position of Brandon Heath right hand on the ground, in the picture of the hand grib to masturbate. Except masturbate for the Aryan man isn’t for pleasure, masturbation is necessary for self protection because the Aryan man sense from his sperm a sense of death, if he doesn’t conceive a child with his future Aryan Supremacist feminist wife. The Aryan man sexual drive isn’t that pleasure because one’s does feel a time limited time to conceive a child, for the Aryan man, the sex desire is always constant and present but what is pleasurable is the „romantic“ love one feels for one’s future Aryan Supremacist feminist wife. For the Aryan man, as described by Sleeping At Last, masturbation is „miscarriage of love.“ The song by Sleeping At Last is true, the fist for masturbation represents a „weapon“ for the release of the insisting sperm which are literally dying to conceive a child with his future Aryan Supremacist feminist wife. To masturbate with raise legs, was programmed by God, to have pressure around the male reproductive organs to simulate the physical weight of a female on top.