Friday 16 September 2016; The Gay Rapist Stalker The Dog Man The „Damien“ Is Exactly Similar To Elias Lopez 

The „Damien“ is one of the ugliest creatures I have seen, the „Damien“ does has a deformed dog like face, the „Damien’s“ body is much smaller than his head, the „Damien“ does look like a real demon and the „Damien“ does behave as a demon, an evil trickster, who plays innocent to corrupt his future victims! The „Damien“ has several psychological issues, the „Damien“ believes himself as a young boy, with boy like clothing and tricking boy like talk, to portray an image of innocent. The „Damien“ never spoke to me until yesterday, since the „Damien“ became angered about the Christian minister Brandon Heath and the song „Jesus In Disguise.“ The „Damien“ asked for a chair but I purposely with anger avoid eye contact with the „Damien“ because I do know the homosexual sadomaschismo of the „Damien“ gets by me, as with the demon trickster, the „Damien“ expressed a face as if the „Damien“ portrayed an innocent face of my angered hatred against the „Damien“ gay rapist dog man, the „Damien“ trick was to be another bait such as the Heaven the „Damien’s“ bait to lure me to the computer room for a conversation to eventually lead to the „Damien’s“ disclosure of his homosexual sadomaschismo of me.