Thursday 15 September 2016: Felt Earthquakes Again From Distant Global Earthquakes 

This months, the shaking of global large earthquakes are happening again. I understand, the timing too, whenever, the earthquakes occurred in the evening or early mornings; I often have prophetic dreams, given to me by God, in addition of the timing of the large global earthquakes occurring when I am sleeping, the earthquake shaking is uncomfortable such as it is uncomfortable to sleep in a moving train or an airplane. It is likely, again, God will show my prophetic dreams but I have a sense of this time, the prophecies may not be about my past situations, here in Vancouver, BC. I do sense God’s wrath again and I do know, in this current events of God’s Wrath, God doesn’t want me to feel any stress of His wrath; God’s protection of me of God’s Wrath, may be one of the reason God allowed me to have cellphone service, again and I have noticed very recently, within a week, much Christian ministry in social media, which I’m itself is a very special gift from God for my birthday.