The Anger Of The Aryan Supremacist Male Against The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Gay Whores; The Song „Jesus In Disguise“ By „Brandon Heath“

It is the non mankind inferior degenerates hermphrodite gay whores who are oppressing the Aryan male by their collective homosexuality insanity behaviorism & homosexuality practices, as I have witnessed myself, I only disclose the sexual facts of the Aryan man, to protest the non mankind inferior degenerates hermphrodite gay whores; because those hermphrodite gay whores do in fact hates everything of the strength of the Aryan man, as I noticed, a strong herd mentality of the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, their strong pro genocide desire for the Aryan man, to don’t disclose the Aryan culture, including Aryan Supremacist heterosexual. Firstly, the song „Jesus In Disguise“ is very heterosexual explicit, of the Aryan man desire for his future Aryan Supremacist feminist wife, which heterosexual is strict based on God’s creation of the Aryan! God has told us to be plentiful and multiply; for a man to leave his parents to become „one flesh“ with his wife. „One flesh“ does described the entire process of reproduction, from physical sex to conception of a child, where, specifically, the meaning for a man and a woman to become „one flesh.“ I recently discovered about the Aryan female sexual desire is influence directly from her specific ovum. Each Aryan female ovum has life of its own, created by God, to which, the Aryan female does noticed each personality of the ovum (my mom told me too, she could sense the biological gender of a conceived ovum & its personality.) The Aryan man does sense a strong sense of life from his sperms, except, I don’t sense any personalities as the Aryan female does with her ovum. The sperm’s purpose of his is severely strong, as one does feel an urgent need to procreate, for me, I feel a strong urge to conceive a child with Katharina Schuttler, the urge is naturally sexual but it is because of the purpose of life of the sperms. It is necessary for the Aryan man to relieve his sperm because the Aryan man feels both a strong sexual desire but a sense of death too, it is the sense of death, is the reason for the relief because as with the Aryan female can’t control the feelings of the personalities of each ovum, neither can the Aryan man can console himself of the feeling of death, the feeling of death is because of a missed opportunity to conceive an Aryan female ovum. The Aryan man sees this manifest of conception not in meaningless sex for his future wife but with a strong natural desire of destiny of sexwith loving his future wife, to which only his future wife can sexually satisfy. Because I have described the sense of death by not being able to conceive an ovum with an Aryan woman, the song „Jesus In Disguise“ is very sad but also knowing the truth of God’s promise to use to become „one flesh.“ Brandon Heath’s manner to protest the pro genocide against the Aryan race non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags, is very similar to mine and because I am very angered about the homosexuals, I will share of myself, too. The grib of Brandon Heath of the exact location of his thumb to his fingers is the hand position to masturbate, the slammed fisting in the ground symbolise the Aryan man protest against the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags desire for the Aryan man not to procreate, because of the song’s message of protesting as the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whore fags desire for the Aryan man not to procreate, Brandon Heath hand symbolized a spermed hand!!! The first lyrics about „preying“ is about God Himself picked us our future wife, because base in the Bible, if the song wasn’t about Aryan Supremacist procreation, the song wouldn’t make sense. The lyrics of the song describes a saved individual in faith of Jesus Christ of their savior, so, how can someone get on their knees and prey plus for an unsaved; those lyrics doesn’t described the Holy Spirit’s convictions on them because the unsaved doesn’t know much about God or the Bible and as I had described the strong natural desire for the Aryan man to procreate, those lyrics descripes the grief feeling the Aryan man feels about not being able conceive a child with his future Aryan Supremacist feminist wife, it is true too about Aryan man crying for his future with but that is where one’s faith in God provides console. My favorite part of the song reminds me of the final victory of obtaining Katharina Schuttler for my wife, is Brandon Heath expression of ejaculation but for Aryans weren’t paranoid about homosexuality because we see our own lives in each other, that is why I am reminded of Katharina Schuttler because it is I who is really ejaculating inside Katharina Schuttler, for God’s will it will be!!!