Wednesday 14 September 2016: A Good Day

Yesterday, was a good day for me; the replacement the „Damien,“ aren’t into the former homosexual of the Damien’s insanity of flirting. Now I don’t worry about any of the Damiens at the Aboriginal Shelter because, while I am there at the Aboriginal Shelter, I am either on social media via my cellphone or I would be sleeping. Because I can use social media, whenever I desire, I no longer feel lonely. I especially enjoy to observe the changing weather conditions, here at the Pacific Northwest as a storm system is approaching, from the Gulf of Alaska, this storm is likely to bring gusty winds again with cooler temperatures, sometime this weekend. Yesterday, I walked at least 6 miles round trip, from the Aboriginal Shelter to English Bay beach, plus an additional few miles of walking within the East side of downtown Vancouver. I had lunch, yesterday, at United Gospel Mission, with a nutritious lunch and proper behaving staff of UGM. Because I became tired of the walk, yesterday plus, I only had a little more than 2 hours of sleep, I went to sleep around 7 pm and I awoke this morning after 3 am, more than 8 hours of sleep.